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Monday, February 25, 2019

Pixi Beauty Eye Reflections Shadow Palette

Lately, I’ve been watching quite a few videos by Australian YouTuber, Schellea Fowlwer, on her fabulous50 channel. She focuses on tips and tricks of applying makeup for those who are older. I’m not 50 yet but I have hooded lids and lines around my lips, and she shares tips on how to work with these aspects. There’s almost nothing I love to watch more on YouTube, and she just gives me the most useful tips and they are easy to replicate.

Her '5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes On Mature Eyes Tutorial Over 50 by Fabulous50s' was my introduction to her and I've referred back to it a few times. Since gravity is already working against you to drag the outside corners of your eyes down, her whole point of this video is that you should always look for ways to bring the eyes up in that area and not down. I was doing a few of her "don'ts" so it was nice to see what they were and why some are not flattering. 

Pull away tips:

  • A thick line of liner on the mobile lid will make your eyes appear smaller. Tighlining the top lid is better.
  • Black liner on the bottom water liner can make eyes look more almond shaped.
  • Don’t follow nature when applying shadow! Don’t bring the shadow all the way down on the outside.
  • Neutral or nude eyeliner pencil can open up the eye look.
  • Eye primer is a must!
  • Only apply a highlighter in the middle just under the brow, not all the way across.

Since I’m loving the new PIXI BEAUTY Eye Reflections Shadow Palette in Natural Beauty ($24 @ I thought I’d try it out using some of her tips. The palette has both mattes and shimmers in it so this sole one can be used to create a whole look.

Click the link to see how I did it and what I used!


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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sephora Welcomes Antonym Cosmetics

Have you heard of the ANTONYM COSMETICS yet? I wrote about them a while ago here and then their name popped up again when Sephora added them to their store last month. Yup, when Sephora adds a brand, I pay attention!

So what are they about? Antonym Cosmetics is an Ecocert certified, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. And they take it one step further. See the packaging in the eye shadow quad? It’s made of bamboo, as is the makeup brush handles.

They saw a gap between an organic line and one that performs. So how do the products perform? See below!


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Monday, July 22, 2013

New Makeup Line Alert! Welcome Antonymn!

I was at an event recently where a new ECOCERT line was rolling out in the states and it’s called ANTONYM.

The main idea behind Antonym was to create a professional line of make-up and tools that are both more affordable and also more skin- and earth friendly. Our brushes are made out of sustainable bamboo, aluminum ferules (not plastic), and use top quality synthetic bristles that are comparable in softness and pickup to the best natural bristles. They are completely cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. Our makeup is certified organic and natural by Ecocert.

Right now the line is makeup of an Eye Pencil, a Baked Foundation Powder, Eye Shadows and makeup brushes. I love a line that doesn’t look to fill a category just to fill it. Instead these seem well-thought out.

Let’s take a look at what I tried from the line after the jump. 


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