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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

AMALA Shines In A Sea Of Confusion

Natural, organic, pure …what product doesn’t scream one of these on their label these days? Where does it stop? I recently tried a body scrub that smelled so good - the packaging was great and the company philosophy was about using natural aromatherapy ingredients and fine spices like “ground cinnamon” and “crushed cloves.” I was starting to write the scrub up when I looked at all the ingredients. Argh! White petroleum, Mineral Oil! How can a company’s mission be to “provide 100% safe, all natural elements” blah, blah, blah and then put those really bad ones inside? Don’t get me wrong, I have used products containing those ingredients and have no real issue with them. What I have a problem with is stating something and turning around and delivering another. So needless-to-say, my dander was up when I got to this AMALA skincare line. Let’s investigate, shall we? Amala_2


The name is pronounced AMA-la, like Pamela without the P. They come to us from Germany and take their name from the Sanskrit word for “most pure.” Their products are certified organic by Ecocert (like our Natural Product Association but to the 10th power. Ecocert doesn’t mess around). Phew, I’m calming down now. Amala believes in using whole plant ingredients and the products are 100% free of synthetics, chemical preservatives (expiration date stamped on the bottom of each box) and their line is the first to be formulated with exclusive organic emulsifiers. There’s really so much more to this line then what I have here so if you curious, you can read it on their site.


Onto the products – they come in three categories: Purify, Hydrate and Rejuvenate, depending on your skin’s needs. For the face, there’s Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers, Mattifiers, Eye Treatments, and Yogurt Masks in each collection to name a few. Right now, the Purifying line is the only one available to purchase on their site with the other two rolling out September 1st. They even have products for the body, one of which was my favorite out of the few I tried. The Detoxify Body Butter ($27/1.7oz) was really nice feeling but I wasn’t too wild about the earthy-crunchy scent. I was able to overlook it, as it didn’t linger. My skin didn’t feel greasy at all, just soft and hydrated, which must be due to the fig and olive oil. I even gave it the ultimate test by shoving my arm in front of the SO to touch. He also approved. 


As with any “natural” line, especially this proven one, spot testing is recommended – just because it’s natural or plant-based doesn’t mean it’s gentle. All @

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