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How many blogs are out there? Yeah, exactly. I don't want Cybelesays (pronounced sea-bell sez) to be just another one to add to the heap. I only feature products, mainly in the beauty category that I've tried, loved, and like a good girl, want to share with you, my friends. From big companies or small ones, I don't care as long as they are good. Because I am just like you, an everyday girl who just happens to love learning and trying out new products.

And in 2014, I've expanded to include features on DIY projects like How to Adorn a Clutch with Swarovski Crystals and How to Make a Bookcase out of Wood Wine Crates!


Cybelesays is about:

* Bite size write-ups
* Big juicy pictures
* Easily understood verbiage
* Swatches

Cybelesays is not about:

* Long-winded features
* Pay for blind placement. You'll know when it's a sponsored post!
* Complicated terms copied straight from the product box
* Bad reviews. There are enough great products out there to keep me busy!

* * *

What started out as a monthly column with the now defunct Mash Magazine and the site fully came to fruition when they folded. Since Feb 2001, Cybelesays (SM) has been online recommending the "Best in Beauty" (before the term "blog" even existed) and has now expanded to include DIY/crafting and other girly things!.

I will hopefully be able to get the 2001-2003 archives up soon. I have to get them off my old hard drive. Ugh! *UPDATE* the hard drive is corrupt, as in, can't get anything off it, so no archives from 2001-2003. Oh well. I guess you'll have to take my word for it.

All my blush,

As part of the pay-it-forward philosophy, I regularly make product donations to the following organizations:
Heaven On Earth - Society for Animals
Dress for Success
Change Lives
LA Gay & Lesbian Center
Downtown Women's Center
Kitten Rescue

And I find a lot of great contests @ onlinesweepstakes.com! <--- not paid. I just list a lot of my contests on here. 

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