Tuesday, October 08, 2019

UZ 7 Shades of Black

You may recall me penning a post about this brand, UZ, last year when they hit the scene with their Eye Opening Liners. And I'm happy to report that they just won an Allure magazine award for Color Range. They’ve recently come out with a collection of black liquid liners. Yup, all blacks but with a touch of color or effect, called Eye Opening Liner 7 Shades of Black ($16 @ uz.team). I mean black is my go-to shade when it comes to lining my eyes so these are a welcome product to my collection.



From L to R:

  • Green Black – an alluring & unexpected, unforgettable black.
  • Red Black, - elegant black beholding.
  • Navy Black – ultra-cool black exuding.
  • Metallic Black – avant-guard black revealing flashes of nuanced ash.
  • Matte Black – solid, light-absorbing black, emanating a deep, quiet warmth.
  • Pitch Black – empowering black conveying.

Platinum Black - sparking black evoking charm & mystery – coming soon!

These are still made by traditional craftsmen from the Kumano region of Japan and they still have the longevity like the original ones I tried. And I just love the way the color applies out of the super smooth brush tips!

These also have a metal piece inside so when you shake it, you get that cool sound.

A few places for improvement like where the name of the color is written on the liner. I wish it was larger or clearer on the liner. Or maybe have some other way to distinguish them from one another like on the bottom.


As far as wear, on average these gave me about 10 hours of wear, except the Metallic Black. I love the unexpected beige of the shade but it just didn’t last on my lids past a few hours for some reason. #unframebeauty

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.



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