Monday, August 12, 2019

Bliss 'What a Melon' Skin Care Products

I love when a collection comes out that’s made just for my skin. And this is the case with BLISS’s ‘What A Melon’ skin care collection for combination complexions.

These three contain watermelon extract (to keep skin hydrated), hyaluronic acid (moisturizer known for being able to hold 1000x’s it’s weight in water!) and cucumber fruit extract (for soothing), which will all heel and sooth those with combo skin. Let’s look at the three products!


Using-Bliss-'What-A-Melon'-products‘What a Melon’ Replenishing Watermelon Toner ($17/7oz @, - alcohol-free and also contains witch hazel (a fave), willow bark extract (to sooth and calm), and magnesium aspartate & copper and zinc gluconates (electrolytes to balance skin).

‘What a Melon’ Water Jelly Hydrator
($20/1.7oz @,, – I love a jelly moisturizer! It’s really light. Key ingredients include Brazilian sea water & sea salt, again to balance the skin and it also contains Willow Bark Extract to exfoliate without over drying.

‘What a Melon’ Reviving & De-Stressing Overnight Mask
($15/1.7oz @,, – How pretty is this formula in the container? Key ingredients are Magnesium Aspartate + Copper Zinc Gluconates mentioned above, as well as rice brand extract. I use this one twice a week.


Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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