Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Why I Will Never Wear Glue-On Nails Again

If you are a regular reader of Cybelesays, then you know that I wasn’t blessed with strong nails. I have tried just about every product and pill out there to make them stronger, to no avail. So when I first discovered the world of polish strips and press-ons, I was kinda rocked. The reason I say kinda is that I go through phases with my nails. Like for a few weeks I will be all about them, full manicure and everything, then a few weeks of bare nails. There’s no reason.




The past few months I have been all about them and have been pretty nail-changing for me. See I have been wearing the Impress brand of stick-on nails off and on for the past few years and thought I’d give other stick-on nails a chance. I like ImPress  but I’m bored of the short, squared off style they seem to consistently put out and come-to-find-out, they don’t last as long on the nails as other brands not to mention they sit up too high on the nail. I want low profile! I want oval! I want stiletto!


So in looking at other nail brands like DASHING DIVA, BELLA NAILS, KISS (ImPress is put out by them) and a few others, I’ve found some winners when it comes to style. Kiss has the Glam Fantasy collection that is really on-trend and look at the Bella Nails packs I have here! And of course the Dashing Diva oval ones last a long time on nails but I only like the Oval style from them.


                                                      They even make press-ons for toes!

After alternating between glue on and stick on nails over the years, I bit the bullet and went all stick-on and wow, I was really impressed. I started with Dashing Diva as their stick-ons are notoriously long lasting so I tried others and really looked into stickers I could buy for the glue on ones. Not only did the stick-on ones wear like glue-on when it came to the length of time (over 1 week) but they did not fly off if I hit the nail some strange way by accident. This has happened to me more than a few times and it's so embarrassing! I mean, I had to go find my nail after it flung off. With stick on nails, the nail moves a little when you grab onto it; side to side and back and forth. With a glue on, the nail is on there and has no give, so if you accidentally hit it, it’s more apt to fly off randomly. 

With stickers, it is so much easier to remove the nails when done. Either stick your whole finger in a small pool of acetone or take a dropper full of acetone and put a few drops in between your real nail and the fake nail on the sticker. Then gently move the nail from side to side. It literally comes off in seconds! The stick-on sticker has more movement while it’s on the nail than the glue on, so for that reason, I’m forever a sticker-on-the-nail, girl, from now on.



When it comes to stickers, I’m currently testing out Dashing Diva’s Virtual Bond and I also looked up the best reviewed nail stickers on Etsy and came up with the Adhesive Tabs for Press On Nails from Never Too Much Glitter. The stickers the boxes come with seem to work pretty well too and I think the main tip I can share when it comes to using stickers instead of glue is to rough up the nail bed with a nail file so the sticker has something to stick to. This is so important, otherwise the nail will not stay on very long.

Did I make my case strong enough for you to switch?



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