Sunday, March 31, 2019

UZ Eye Opening Liner

This product had quite an interesting launch! Their Unframe the Beauty campaign was launched inside manila envelopes with Confidential written on the outside and given out to peeps attending NYFW this past February. Inside was a liner and a way to vote KEEP or DROP the liner. With some experience under the Flowfushi name in Japan, a successful launch in that region gave them hope for this side of the world.

I was contacted via email and sent a sample of the black and posted some Instagram Stories about it, though I admit, I was kind of confused by the campaign and the voting on it. .

What It Is – UZ Eye Opening Liner ($16 @ And there’s a lot of thought behind every aspect of these 13 available colors.

UZ-Keep Or Drop campaign


he bristles
– the bristles are made up of five types of custom-made fibers that mimic hair cuticles thus providing the perfect application of color.

The formula - the actual colors contain what they call a WP Film hybrid polymer that helps it set on the skin for hours – sleet, nor snow, nor water, sweat, or oil will move them! So if you have oily lids? You may want to give any of these shades a shot.



The container – make with recycled plastic and steel, in a technique called Free Blend. It makes for a nice weight to it to the body of the liner.

The items – all products are cruelty-free and they are committed to sustainably sourced ingredients and long-term ecological balance.



From L to R: Burgundy, Pink, Yellow, Brown, Khaki, Gray, White, Light Blue

I’m super curious on what else we can expect to see from them in the future.

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.



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