Wednesday, March 06, 2019

MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes Round 2!

For me, it’s rare that I try a beauty product, report on it, maybe find some things that are not-so-great and have see the brand actually make improvements on it. And this is just the case when it came to MOXIELASH. I recently wrote this post after I bought and tried a pair out and while I like to think I was the sole catalyst to the changes, haha, I’m sure glad they seemed to have made the changes.

They actually liked my post on Instagram and DM’d me to see if they could send me some improvements they had made to the lash system. Oh course I said yes! And two weeks ago, a package arrived with the following:

  • Three different styles of lashes – Classy Lash, Sassy Lash, Flashy Lash
  • Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner
  • Cream Magnetic Liner
  • Pointed makeup brush

I’ve had a few weeks to try out each one and here are my thoughts.

The Classy Lash style achieves exactly what they seemed to have set out to accomplish and it’s such a vast improvement from the original, which was called Flashy Lash (I think they updated the original to the Flashy Lash I received in the mail). The band of the Classy Lash is thin and flexible enough to get it to sit real close to the lash line. The others styles? Not so much. As you can see from one of the pictures, The Original Flashy Lash, Sassy and (new) Flashy Lash bands all kind of look the same. While the latter two for sure have more movement in the band, the lash still doesn’t seem to want to snuggle up close to the lash line. And since I wore each set a few times, I had a different line of liner on my eye so each time, the lashes could have hugged the lash line but they didn’t.  


No matter which lashes I wore, it also seemed that as the hours wore on and the liner (liquid or cream) started to naturally wear off, the magnet on the lash had nothing to stick to so I probably wouldn’t recommend wearing these for more than a few hours at a time, especially if you have oily lids and your makeup tends to melt away or move.



Overall, each lash still has 5 magnets to adhere it to the liner, so that hasn’t changed from the Original Flash Lash I tried out and all can be worn up to 30 times. And in addition to a cream liner, they now have a liquid liner in the line, which I didn’t see listed on their website but maybe it’s coming up.


With regard to longevity of the cream liner vs the liquid liner given the above observation, I think the liquid liner lasted a little longer for me as I seemed to be able to get a thicker coat on my lid.

A couple of tips:

  • I use tweezers to apply lashes and since these have magnets, you may want to just use your fingers to apply them or a plastic applicator.
  • If you have to remove one for some reason after applying, put on another healthy line of liner, let it dry and then reapply the lash.


So who would I recommend the Classy Lash for? Everyone who like to wear false lashes! Even though I’m a seasoned pro at putting false lashes on, I still have that once-in-a-while time where I’m having an issue. Are these up your alley? $75 each set or Trio Bundle for $130 @


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