Sunday, March 24, 2019

Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink


I was pretty fascinated with these when they came out and since these INNISFREE Vivid Cotton Ink ($12 @ are also from Korea, I was not too surprised when they kinda acted the same.

What It Is: Intense like ink, comfy like cotton! Matte yet moist liquid lip glides on easy, creating a velvety finish. Leaves behind a lasting tint in 13 vivid shades. Formulated with botanical oils that keep lips feeling moist, including: cotton seed, camellia, mango seed and avocado.



There are a lot of similarities between the two brands. First, look at the packaging. Same smooth matte tube and as far as the size, It’s just a tad shorter than the Kaja. Now the most important part, the formula. Those are very similar too! These Vivid Cotton Inks are s a super pigmented gel lip ink that leave a light stain behind when the color wears off.




Unlike traditional lipsticks, these inks is that if I hit it with my hand on my lip and some of the color comes off, you can’t tell on my lips as the color is still fully there. I like that a lot! As far as the wear time, I seemed to get the most time out of the two darker shades of these and they seemed to wear off more evenly after about 5 hours than the orange one, though I liked the bright of the orange. 

These and the Kaja ones have been called liquid lipsticks but I don’t think I would file them under that name. Yes, they are long-wearing but they don’t have any dry down like the majority of liquid lipsticks. Perhaps this is a new version of liquid lipstick? Even though I’m a lover of the dry down liquid lipsticks, these too have a place in my routine.



                                                                      Wearing #14 Merlot

From L to R: #11 Berry Rose, #1 Bright Orange, #14 Merlot

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.



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