Wednesday, January 30, 2019

MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner for Magnetic Lashes

If there’s one thing I like to try, it’s innovative beauty accessories! Enter MOXIELASH. It’s a magnetic eye liner for magnetic lashes. Wow. I purchased the Sassy Bundle for $75 @ and it came with a small angled brush, the liner and one set of lashes.

Each lash has small magnets adhered (I’m guessing glued) to the band, about 5 on each band and the liner is able to attract the lash to stick to it.


My take
: What got me interested in these is a short video of the lash magnetically attaching itself to the liner on someone’s arm. More on this later.

With any set of new lashes, you have to work the band back and forth to loosen it up so it will curve to the shape of your lid easier. I tried this with this band but it is really stiff and was hard to make any kind of curve with it like you usually can with a regular lash band.



Once I did get a slight curve, I put the lash to the already applied liner and yes, it stuck with the magnet but it wasn’t that strong of a hold. And once I got one side to stay, the other side would come up, then I’d fix the other side and the original side would come up. So a lot of back and forth. And a few times I had to take the whole band off, work it a little more, try again, and I really tried working the band to get it to soften up but it didn't seem to want to. Finally, I was able to get both sides to lie on the liner on my lid. In between the few times I gave these a try, I would take a rest and do something else and I could actually feel the lashes on my lids, which is usually not the case with regular false lashes after a few minutes. Hmmm. 


My next challenge was getting the lash to lay closer to my lash line while keeping the magnets stuck to the liner. With quite a few tries trying to make it all happen and a few days in between tries, I’ve given up. Even with regular lashes, I don’t always succeed in getting the lash as close to the lash line as I want but I can bring them together with tweezers. This didn’t seem possible with these because of the magnets or the stiff band? I'm not sure. I finally did get them to look pretty good but with all this hassle it just doesn't seem worth it for me. 

And one last thought with regard to the video - of course the eyelash sticks nicely and evenly to the skin on someone’s arm but my eye is not flat or straight, it’s curved!


What would have made this work better is if the liner and the lash band were the same shade of black (the band was darker than the liner). That would help mask anytime the lash came up.

The other area I think that needs to be perfected is the actual band. It’s really stiff and maybe having the magnet run from end to end would help it lay better.

Will you be giving these a shot?


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