Sunday, January 20, 2019

KAJA Cushy Vibe High-Pigment Lip Stain

stain /stān/ noun 1. a colored patch or dirty mark that is difficult to remove.


I can’t tell you how any many lip products I’ve come across that call themselves a stain. Keeping in mind the above definition, I consider a true stain is something like this or this.

I feel like this Korean lippie, KAJA Cushy Vibe High-Pigment Lip Stain ($18 @, is what every lip stain out there wants to be but misses the mark, or is as close to a great lip stain as I’ve gotten, which I’ll get into.


                                                            Stains all smudged down

As this one starts to wear off, pretty eventually btw, it leaves a stain behind. It seems like the longer it’s on the lips, the more it changes over from the gel-cream to a sorta stain. It feels like a super thin regular lipstick on the lips and it doesn’t dry down all the way. This is one of those formulas where if some comes off, it doesn’t look like it’s come off when you look at your lips, which I like.


So overall, IMO, I wouldn’t call this a true stain as I think of a stain as totally non-transferable so I’m not sure what I would call it but I do like it! So because it doesn’t dry down, it’s not drying on the lips. If you are into liquid lipsticks, this would be a good one to try out.  

From L to R: 01 Satin Sheets (blue red), 02 Velvet (rich wine), 03 Silk Robe (mauvy rose), 05 Chiffon (cool raspberry).

One recommendation I would make is if you have fine lines around your lips, make sure you apply an clear lip liner like this one or this one so it doesn’t bleed.

If you want true innovation, this lippie is where it’s at. I’m really curious on what else they will be coming out with.




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