Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Veil Cosmetics Automatte

Shiny is great when it comes to jewels and cars but no so much for the face. Do you carry a touch up powder in your purse? I do. I think most women who are into makeup do and it’s usually in the form of a pressed powder. Well that is all about to change. Introducing VEIL COSMETICS Automatte Mattifying Base & Touch-Up Makeup ($39 @

This is a colorless, powderless, weightless, anti-shine touch up balm will be all you need to tote with you in your purse for touch ups. To me, it’s a touch up powder without the powder combined with blotting paper without the paper! I remember Mally Beauty came out with something like this many years ago and I actually wrote about it back in 2010 here. Do you remember this one? So it’s not a totally new concept but I don’t think that one caught on and I think it should.

If you seem to have peach fuzz on your face, your powder is pretty much sitting on top of the fine hairs and not really sitting directly on your skin. If you shave your face, then yes, you are putting the powder on the face. With Automatte, it doesn’t matter what’s already going on on your face as this one can work with it! And most importantly, you won’t have that powdered look, which can sometimes happen with a press touch up powder.

So how do you use this one? Just tap-tap the sponge on the product and then tap-tap on your face in needed spots. And this one can also be used as a primer with or without makeup over it.


The only thing I don’t like the super thin sponge and the fact that I have gotten foundation on the product when touching up, but the latter is certainly not the brand’s fault.

And the compact has a mirror inside. I know, minor detail until you get a product that doesn’t have one inside!

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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