Monday, November 26, 2018

Nyx Cosmetics Matte & Vinyl Liquid Liners

I've been pretty happy with the It Cosmetics Liquid Liner but about mid-last week, I suddenly decided that I needed to have the blackest liquid liner there is! Thankfully The Makeup Show was last weekend in Los Angeles, so I took my quest there and ended up with two from NYX COSMETICS


Vinyl Liquid Liner
($5.25 @,, and Matte Liquid Liner ($6.99 @,, are the latest liners from Nyx. The Vinyl leaves a shiny finish and is super black and the matte leaves a matte finish that's not as black as the vinyl one. I've heard some rumblings that the application of this one with the brush in the cap is not the most favorite and that some had gone to these liners that are more in the pen-form, but I am comfortable with either!

Of course the wear time on these was sick and they each seemed to perform about the same. After about 10 hours, about 80% of the liner was still on. Just wow!

The only drawback is unlike a pen form, color gets on the arm of the wand and easily transfers to my lashes when applying, so I have to figure out how to avoid that. Otherwise, stellar product, stellar price.


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