Monday, November 05, 2018

Maybelline 'City Edition' SuperStay Matte Ink

just launched 10 new SuperStay Matte Ink ($7.99 @, shades called the City Edition. Inspired by the attitude of NYC, they came out for NYFW last month and I’ve got them for you to see! This formula is one of my favorites so click below to find out why!


This formula is a dry-down-all-the-way-to-a-non-transferable-finish type liquid lipstick and they have a tiny bit of tact to them, which I like. Make me feel like my lips have a little moisture in them.

These are some of my favorite liquid lipsticks ever because they are so comfortable to wear probably partly due to that tact. Comfort is at the top of my lips when trying out a liquid lipstick to see if I like it and these almost don’t feel like I have anything on my lips. Hours will go by and you forgot you had it one! Now how often does that happen?

                                                                  wearing #135 Globetrotter

#105 Explorer, #110 Originator, #112 Composer, #115 Founder, #117 Ground-Breaker, #118 Dancer, #120 Artist, #125 Inspirer, #130 Self-Starter, #135 Globetrotter.

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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