Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Milk Makeup Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

A liner is a liner is a liner, right? So not! If you love makeup like I do then you already know this. Overall liner have sure have gotten better and I feel we are at a peak right now. I mean take these ones, they are a gel (remember when a gel liner only came in a pot?), they’re waterproof (most are still only water resistant), and these dry down to a totally unmovable finish for hours (remember when liner barely lasted the evening out?).

And those three traits and more are what you get with MILK MAKEUP Long Wear Gel Eyeliner ($22 @ milkmakeup.com, sephora.com).




I love when a company goes the extra step. In this case, it’s including a smudger on the other side of the liner. Sometimes you want to smudge, sometimes not, and it’s great to have the option, but know that you better act quick if you wanna smudge with these as they set pretty quickly.

Know that these pencils are pretty soft so don’t twist out too much or you will break the tip off, like I did a few times.


Inside of the smudger cap is a shaper to keep the tip of the liner pointed but it seems like this formula is too soft for it and a piece broke off when I tried to use it on a few different colors. Ehh, won’t be using it again.

Overall I really liked these colors. They glided over the lid without any tugging and I totally recommend using an eye shadow primer with these. It was the difference between 4 hour wear vs 8 hours.


From L to R: CEO (dark brown), Bonus (sparkly brown), BCC (beige), Biz (navy), Boss (sooty black), PTO (holographic w/violet shift).


And I decided to show you how to get a smoky eye using the Boss shade!


After prepping the eye with primer, I use the Jumbo Eye Pencil from Nyx in Milk Lait to cover half of the lid.

Next, using my double-sided Urban Decay brush from one of their eyeshadow palettes, I pack on some sooty black color in the crease and lid, going over the white a little to make the transition between the two shades. In this case, it’s the All Nighter shade from the Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette. What I like about using the white is I can have a lot or a little of the white show in the final look.


Using the pencil side of Milk Makeup Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Boss, line the top lid and bottom lid and then smudge it out on the bottom using the smudger on the opposite side of the liner.

Apply mascara and lashes and you’re done.


Disclosure: Samples of these Mike Makeup items were provided for review purposes.


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