Sunday, October 28, 2018

COL-LAB Matte Addiction Liquid Lip ColoR

Have you heard of the COL-LAB makeup line yet? Pretty fascinating. It’s eight beauty influencers heading up the direction in their Color Lab in New York City: @makeupbyamarie, @xsparkage, @whatwouldlizzydo, @ravenelyse, @saammage, @claireashleybeauty, @wesleybenjamincarter, @sudanidoll. I seem to always have a suggestion on how a product can be make just a little bit better, so this is great! I mean, who knows makeup better? It’s seems like an obvious partnership.

So let’s look at their Matte Addiction Liquid Lip Color ($8.79 @, $9.99 @ These only take one swipe to cover the lips, they dry down all the way to a 100% non-transferable finish and surprisingly, the two darker shades performed better than the lightest one! For some reason, I usually have the opposite happen.



As far as comfort, dry-down-all-the-way formulas tend to be a tad uncomfortable to wear but these really toed the line of the territory, not going into it, except Non-Stop. Tthat one just didn’t perform well at all.

For wear time, I only got about 3 hours of wear before it started to breakdown, but that's ok. Sometimes liquid lipsticks can wear too long and stay in that not-looking-even look for too long, so these have a place in my liquid lipstick line-up.



From L to R: Blindfold (blue red), Lush Lover (raspberry), Non-Stop (cool medium pink).

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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