Monday, July 16, 2018

Thanks for the Added Confidence Dove! #FreshForSunFun

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

I’ve never been one for heights so this year I decided it would be the year for me to get out of my comfort zone and conquer it. You may recall me mentioning in my different social media platforms that I went to Kauai 2 months ago and when my friend and I were looking for activities to do outside, she brought up zip lining. Are you familiar? It’s where you are suspended by a pulley in the air (usually quite high up!) and propelled from one platform to the other, which are usually attached to trees, and you zip from one tree to the other.

It was probably one of the better options to choose to help with my fear or heights as it wasn’t too jarring. We had been really looking forward to doing some awesome outdoor activities on this trip and this was one I really wanted to do.



My friend confessed that she had told the instructors about my fear of heights and they were so nice and understanding, and it made all the difference.



Of course I wanted to do this endeavor without getting my body all stinky and wet. When I’m nervous, it’s nearly impossible for me to control my sweat, so when I made my weekly trip to Target to pick up goods for the trip, I made sure to buy Dove Dry Spray Go Fresh Pear & Aloe Vera Antiperspirant. It keeps me smelling fresh and dry and I loved how the Pear & Aloe Vera scent smells. All Dove products contain 1/4 moisturizers and this one gives 48-hour protection. #TargetFinds

Overall, we zipped back and forth about 6 times and my underarms were as dry as ever. The first time I stepped off the platform, I was not that nervous, I just did it. The second time, it took me a little longer to go for it, but in the end I did. Not sure when I’ll do something having to do with heights again but if I do, I know how to stay dry.  



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