Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Kat Von D Lash Liner

This next one is a pretty ground-breaking release and it’s from the KAT VON D line! It’s a liquid liner for the waterline. Yup, you read correctly. This Lash Liner Inner Liquid Eyeliner ($20 @ sephora.com) is made for your waterline, which is where the rim of your eye meets your eyelid. Also called tightlining, there have been quite a few products made for this area, however, color doesn’t seem to last there too long, which have mainly been in the form of pencils.


So why do people even want to apply color to the waterline? It can really make your eyes pop and I’ve used quite a few brands have come out with pencils for the area over the years like Urban Decay, Nyx and Em Cosmetics. Regular eye liner doesn’t show up on the waterline as you need liner made just for it.

So how does this new one from Kat work? Quite well! As I mentioned above, it’s a liquid and in the handful of times I’ve applied it, the only issue I take with it is the application brush. I wish it was a little more workable as it seems to apply too much product on the end of the brush, which leads to a messy application. I found myself dabbing it to remove some of the liquid on the tip so it didn’t go all over the area and into my eye.

After trying it a few times, I found the best way to apply it was to pull a little on the bottom lid and make small dashes across the waterline. And then, if I really wanted to pop my eye look, I lifted the top lid and dabbed across that waterline. I did get some of it on my actual eyeball a few times but the liquid seems to ball up making it easy to remove with a tissue.

After it’s applied, it took about 15 seconds to dry down to a semi-matte super pigmented finish and it didn’t move all day! In the 8 or 9 times I’ve worn this, it’s averaged about 7 hours until it’s started to wear off.


I’d say that the biggest challenge with this one is the application and that just takes practice. Right now, the only shade this comes in is Trooper Black but I’m sure they will come out with other colors if this does well. Would I buy this again? For sure, yes! 


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