Friday, April 06, 2018

Take My Face Off ... Huh?

I am a true and trusted washcloth user. Most of mine are black because of makeup and I spend quite a bit on soft ones. I’ve tried those dry, use-this-cloth-to-remove-makeup before, and though they were ok, and thought these were that but they are not. I’m not a fan of these aforementioned ones as I feel like they pull and tug too much and I don’t like doing that around the eye area. However(it), these are NOT those that you just use raw, without any cleanser, or product, on them.

This is, TAKE MY FACE OFF and here’s the lowdown -

The Makeup Mitty ($38.50/3) – instead of using a makeup wipe or washcloth, these are meant for you to use for your whole face and is meant to be used with your favorite cleanser all over the face.

The Mitty Blackout ($42.50/4) – these are the eye makeup removers and a tad smaller than their sister above. These are to be used instead of wasteful cotton balls/wipes and these Mitty’s are probably even softer than cotton!






Unlike a washcloth, I feel like I have more control over these and can get into the corners around my nose and eyes. And the one side that's pointed helps with that. 

Here is how I’ve been taking care of them – I wait until I’ve used all of them, stick them in a zippered lingerie type of bag and simply stick them in the laundry (the bag these came in actually works great for these!). If you do wash them in the laundry, just be sure not to expose them to fabric softener. You can also just hand wash them and hang them dry.



And you gotta love that they’re sewn in LA of imported polyester. Better for the planet, better for the pocketbook. Speaking of, they are a little pricey at $38.50/3 Makeup Mitty (the blue) and $42.50/5 The Mitty Blackout (the black ones) but think of how many times you will reuse them. 

Pick some up @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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