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Trying Out Lashify

I couldn’t decide if I should even post this post about Lashify with all that went down recently between MannyMUA and the Founder of Lashify, even though I bought their kit a few weeks ago with the intention of reviewing them here. Yes, he didn’t use them correctly and the Founder publicly retaliated. Not cool on either side. Since people will probably be searching on what Lashify is, I hope this post will clearly explain the system. Like every product, it won’t be for everyone but there will be ones that it is for.

gos•sa•mer – a fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders, which is seen especially in autumn.

False lashes, lash extensions, magnetic lashes … the category is bigger than ever, and now there’s another way do lashes called LASHIFY! Since I’m all about trying a new way of doing something, I immediately bought them. Yes, they seem a tad pricey at first @ $125 but hear me out on this one.

What it is: a lash extension system made of Korean PBT silk, the clusters of lashes (called Gossamers) use a microflex technology, contain biotin, and won’t damage existing lashes. Can be worn up to 1 week.



To start, you’ll purchase the Control Kit ($125), which contains everything you will need:

  • Two Gossamer Lash sets (doesn’t say on the site how many are included but looks like 12)
  • Whisper Light Flexible Bond with Biotin, Black and Clear
  • Seal and Finish Clear Coat
  • The Fuse Control Wand
  • Directions


To apply each Gossamer, use The Fuse Control Wand or your fingers, to pull one out of them out of the Lash Cartridge by the ends, apply some of the Whisper Light Flexible Bond in Black or Clear to the base of your natural lashes OR apply some directly to the Gossamer (my preferred method), and then place the Gossamer underneath the base of your natural lashes. Be careful not to place it on your waterline. You’ll feel if you do.

When you are happy with your placement of each Gossamer, use the want arc to press the lashes to your own and this will fuse them with your own lashes creating a bond. They say you can stack up to 3 sets of Gossamers and they have different lengths, A B and C, with each of the three letters standing for what they do: ‘A’ is for amplify and you can get lengths 10mm to 16mm, ‘B’ is for bold and you can choose from the same 10mm to 16mm, and lastly ‘C’ stands for curls in the same 10mm to 16mm lengths. Know that the Control Kit automatically comes with A14 and A16, so you can get to know these and if you want to pick up more, you’ll get an idea of what works for you. And they do recommend mixing up the lengths. Oolala!

Finally, when you are all done fusing your Gossamers, you can use the Seal and Finish Clear Coat to seal and remove residue.

To keep your lashes intact if you wear them a few days (anywhere from 3 to 7 days), use a water-based product to remove any eye makeup you put on and just be gentle.


How do you remove the lashes? With a silicone-based eye makeup remover like something make for removing waterproof eye makeup or a steamy hot shower. And though they don’t make them to be reused, the Gossamers can be!

Pros: Easy to apply. Can wear for a few days. Can reuse Gossamers. Look real. 

Cons: Price. If you sleep with them on, you might lose a Gossamer and never find it again. Some of the lash strands come off when pulling it out of the Gossamer case or when removing from the underlid. Can only apply to naked lashes.

My take: Overall, I’m sort of in. My hesitation is because of how delicate the Gossamers can be (I guess they have to be to look real). Out of the 24 that came in my Control Kit, I have about 14 left (some lashes came off of the small band rendering them unusable and some I just lost). As far as application, there is a bit of a learning curve and it took me a few times to get it down. I really liked that while wearing them, I didn’t feel them on my lids or lashes, which I can sometimes happen with strip lashes. I did sleep in them a few times and only had one come off overnight, so that was good and that one probably came off due to my application and not the quality of the product. Another upside is that they really look natural and from what I can tell from wearing them on about 3 different occasions, and from what I've read, they won't harm you real lashes. 

Now the price. Think about the cost of false lashes that adds up with all the different styles (I have a drawer full!), or if you get lash extensions, that’s about $150 every six to eight weeks. I think the price is fine for what you get. 

Know that you can purchase more Gossamer sets and join a monthly program, so check out their site @ for more info!

Is this something you’ll be checking out?

                                                         Here I'm wearing 4 Gossmers on each eye

                                                              Me with about 7 Gossamers on each eye



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