Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sephora Collection Holographic Face & Cheeks Palette

I want to know exactly where the Sephora brand manufactures their makeup products, specifically their press shadows as these act much more expensive than they cost! And they are bigger than a regular shadow. To give you an accurate scale, a NARS Blush clocks in at 4.8 grams and these are 3.2 grams, so not bad since there are 6 shades and the cost is $28 @


SEPHORA COLLECTION Holographic Face & Cheek Palette contains the following:

  • Three Transformers in Green, Blue, Pink.
  • Three Matte Blush in Warm Rose, Purple, Pink.

Click the below link to see more pics and a look I created with it!

The powders are smooooth and blend very well and I've been quite obsessed with the Pink Matte Blush and have been wearing it for the last few weeks. Such a simple shade that goes with so much! And know that you can wear the blushes alone or with their corresponding Transformer on top.


              The above swatches are of each of the blushes with their corresponding Transformer on top

The everyday Iook I created below looks like I don’t really have much makeup on, and I don’t. I used the Pink blush very lightly and then the Pink Transformer shade below the outer half of the brow and also below the corner of the eye on the upper cheek. The real effect I think is when the face moves and catches some of the light. Perhaps I should have shot the pics with Boomerang!




Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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