Friday, March 09, 2018

Dove DermaSeries Collection

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Getting older can be interesting. Interesting by how my skin is reacting to it. Overall, I think it’s doing well and besides the super dry hands, I have some random dry patches that have pop up. One is on my left elbow and nothing seems to fix it! It literally feels like sandpaper and it sometimes hurts when inside my sleeve rubs on it. Another is on the top of my left big toe. I told you they were random! So I am super excited to try out this new product.

Dove just came out with their Dove DermaSeries Collection available @, which consists of a Body Lotion, Face Wash, Hand Cream, Face Cream, Body Wash, and the Repairing Balm, which is the one I tried.


I just started using the Dove Derma Repairing Balm on my hands in place of my regular hand lotion and on all my random spots. The formula is a unique petroleum jelly blend that will work on those with dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

So here are the basics you might want to know on Dove Derma Repairing Balm:

  • It’s unscented
  • It’s 4.8oz plastic jar
  • Safe for those with sensitive skin

To see if this really works, I’m taking the Dove Derma 30-day challenge and will apply this daily to my hands and those random patches (I'll spare you the pictures!). So here's a picture of my hands and I didn’t use any filters on the pic, though I did lighten up the overall pic a bit but that’s it.

Follow along on my social channels @cybelesays where I will post a weekly story about the progress this Repairing Balm.

And be sure to check out this product and the rest of the Dove DermaSeries at your local Target and #TargetFinds


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