Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wet Brush Hair Detangle Brush

File this next product under ‘how did I miss this??’ I grew up with very knotty hair. It was quite a task to untangle it after a bath/shower. My hair would grow really long and my mother would get so frustrated and cut it all off. I was asked a few times if I was a boy back then.

She would have been in heaven if this brush existed back then as I still have knotty hair here and there and this WET BRUSH is just heaven-sent!

So you’re thinking, “it’s a brush. How gentle can it be?” Well it is and the secret is their IntelliFlex bristles with SofTips that are not only thin but strong and flexible. This all but eliminates breakage as I hate the thought of breaking hair off because of a knot.


Choose from many different designs and styles on their site like this one that has a piece that unplugs from the end to get the hair outta the brush. They even won a Best of Beauty from Allure this past year. Impressive!

Brushes range from $7.99 to $9.99. A truly valuable hair tool to have in my arsenal. Get yours @,,


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