Monday, January 15, 2018

Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLust 007 Kit, Version Colour Blitz


If you are a makeup lover then I’m sure you’ve scoped out the new PAT MCGRATH LABS line. I mean, her list of credentials is impressive and she has seen everything when it comes to cosmetics so it’s only natural for her to come out with her own line.

Since I’ve become the queen of the lippies, I was most curious about her liquid lipsticks. What’s interesting is the way she’s releasing them in these sets. I picked up the LiquiLUST 007, Version: Colour Blitz ($75 @ right before the holidays and finally got around to writing them up after trying them multiple times.

The set contains:

  • Revelation Red Liquid Lipstick (red)
  • Wreckage Totale 1 Liquid Lipstick (bright pink)
  • Nightshade Liquid Lipstick (eggplant purple)
  • Violet 007 Crystalline Micro-Fine Pigment
  • Clear Vinyl Gloss



All of these items are sealed inside a holographic lilac bag with 1 cup of lilac sequins (yup, I measured). While I love the presentation of the products in a sealed bag with the sequins, I also think of the makeup lovers who purchases this that don’t craft like I do and won’t end up doing anything with the sequins afterwards. I guess like everything else, it’s presentation and I should take it as such.

What would have been really cool if Ms. McGrath included something special inside 5 or 10 of these bags, like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kind of thing with the golden ticket! A coupon you can mail in for a special product picked by Ms. McGrath herself etc. How cool would that have been?


Anyway, back to the contents. By now I’ve tried my share of liquid lipsticks and consider myself kind of a connoisseur. There are so many different types but I think I know what makes for a good one.

Overall, all three of these liquid lipsticks dried down all the way with very little transfer and were an 8 out of 10 on the comfort scale. The size of 5ml seems to be the standard when it comes to the amount of product you get in the tube.



There are very few brands that have ever released an accompanying gloss to go with their liquid lipstick (MUFE, MAC and Chanel come to mind and you can read a post about them here), and they work wonderfully with their lipstick formulas to give a little moisture and shine to the lips. I’m not sure what Ms. McGrath had in mind with this gloss but I might as well use any other brand’s gloss than this one as it glossed up my lips alright but it also changed the consistency of the liquid lipstick and made it into an overall gloss. Umm WTF? To me, this is what an accompanying gloss should NOT do to a liquid lipstick. To say I was let down would be an understatement. So, I put the gloss in a drawer. That was the end of that.

Now let’s get to how the colors wore:

Wreckage Totale 1 Liquid Lipstick (bright pink) – was too streaky on my lips and toed the line of too dry and the color is almost on the neon side, which makes it not great for me.


Revelation Red Lipstick (red) – this one was the winner of the bunch. It wore like any other red liquid lipstick does – lasted for quite a few hours and then wore off at the inner lip line. Toed the line on almost too drying the longer I wore it. 
How does this one compare to the Fenty Unsensored, which also just came out? I’d have to pick the Fenty. The color is a tad brighter and it just felt better on my lips, not to mention that one’s cool applicator!

Nightshade Liquid Lipstick – not really my cup of tea but it came with the bunch so I tried it. The wear of this one falls between the two other shades. It was not as drying as the first one but didn’t perform better than the red.

Violet 007 Crystalline Micro-Fine Pigment – a nice idea but nothing really unique about it and I’m pretty sure I already have this in the form of highlighter shade.


In closing, I was excited about these lippies and my expectations were really high as Ms. McGrath has seen it all, however, we all have different tastes and what works for one person, might not work for another. Overall the formulas were not the best I’ve ever tried but I did like that they dried down all the way. If you’re a liquid lipstick lover, I would pass on this kit and maybe pick up a shade to try when/if she starts selling them individually.


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