Thursday, December 14, 2017

New in the Beauty Aisles at CVS - ApotheCARE

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ApotheCARE. All words are my own.

I’m not sure if it’s an age thing or what, but I’ve become more meticulous about what I own in my house and have in my life. For one, I’ve cut down on eating meat, which hasn’t been easy. Growing up in a French household, the bread and meat were always central to the meal but they don’t have to be.

Along with this thinking comes a more judicious path of what I’m putting on my hair and skin, which brings me to this new to CVS line called ApotheCARE Essentials™. You can check out the line in their stores or buy them @ Their approach to their hair care and body care products is to combine cutting-edge science with nature. Each product takes nature’s offerings like lavender, rosehip and coconut milk, among others, and follows a 3-step scientific approach to craft each item:

  1. Precise selection of ingredients curated from 5 different continents!
  2. A unique technique to create an exclusive phyto-blend.
  3. An exclusive slow infusion process to maximize the potential of each ingredient.

The two I tried were for my hair - The Booster Dynamic Volume for Fine + Flat Hair Shampoo and The Booster Dynamic Volume for Fine + Flat Hair Conditioner. Formulated with cold pressed rosehip oil, steam distilled geranium and aloe vera, this shampoo and conditioner not only boosted my strands but made it really soft. And I really like the smell of these, which I think is the aloe vera, It’s really refreshing and not sweet, which is a nice surprise.


And don’t you like the packaging? It’s very modern and pretty middle of the road so my SO shouldn’t have an issue using these products as he says most in my shower are ‘too girly.’ His words not mine.

For someone who will do anything for bigger hair (me), I’ve used The Booster Shampoo and Conditioner a few times now, and I’m for sure seeing more volume and bounce to my hair, which I wasn’t really expecting. My hair is pretty flat in everyday life and if I don’t use anything to give it a boost, it’s pretty boring. ApotheCARE Essentials™ to the rescue!


And if you are watching your intake of preservatives etc. when it comes to the beauty products these days, like I am, you’ll be happy to know that neither of these contains parabens, dyes or silicones. Quality beauty products can be budget-friendly.


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