Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Customizable Hair Care with Mon Shampoing

We don’t really give much thought when it comes to hair care, just short of a few traits like if it’s for color-treated hair or moisturizing. What if you could really personalize your hair care products? Let me introduce you to the MON SHAMPOING brand. It’s the first customizable shampoo and conditioner. How it works is that they give you the base products like the Mon Shampoing Gentle Shampoo with Keratin – Neutral Base ($42/8.45oz) and the Mon Shampoing Gentle Conditioner with Keratin – Neutral Base ($43/8.45oz)and then options for add-ins of select essential and vegetable oils of various scents and ingredients for however your hair is behaving at the moment. 


Both the Shampoo and conditioner are gentle and contain Keratin and no SLS’s, parabens or silicones.

For the 5 vials of essential and vegetable oils, choose from these:

  • Oily Hair: mint, rosemary and jojoba
  • Colored Hair: orange, ylang-ylang and Limnanthes Alba (known as meadowfoam)
  • Soft/thin/brittle hair: orange blossom, sage, grape seed
  • Dry/curly hair: lavender, geranium, argan
  • Delicate hair: lemon, lemongrass, sweet almond

So just choose your add-in, pour it into your shampoo/conditioner and you’re ready to go.

As mentioned above, why not just decide your concern while you are in the store shopping and pick a product made for your hair type? Like most products on the shelves, most contain preservatives and you basically get what you pay for in terms of quality. If your hair is your “thing” is your hair (my “thing” is my brows and feet), you want to use quality products on your strands to help hair look and act its best. I mean, if you buy a Ferrari, I don’t think you would use Turtle Wax on the finish, right?

I think this brand is onto something.

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Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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