Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pat McGrath Labs LuxeTrance Lipstick


I’m sure you’ve heard the deafening buzz when it comes to any release from PAT MCGRATH LABS. And of course there should be as Ms. McGrath has seen and done it all when it comes to makeup so she should know what works and what doesn’t.

Her latest releases are these LuxeTrance Lipsticks and I bought the shade Major Red ($38 @


This cool-toned blue-red is the definition of a luxe lipstick. Richly pigmented, Ms. McGrath has for sure taken all her lipstick knowledge and poured it into this lipstick. It’s super creamy, smooth and richly pigmented; just one swipe is needed.

This red is so me but I have to admit, I am not used to these traditional lipsticks, which I’ve been trying lately, and I seem to touch my face quite a bit in everyday life so I had to pay attention when wearing this one so I didn’t get red lippie all over me and my hands.


I had 3 people ask me what this lipstick was in the span of 3 hours when I was out the other day! Now that's a great sign, right?

I did experience bleeding on my upper lip so I advise wearing a liner with this one.




Omg! I've been hearing so much about this lipstick! I feel like this is definitely the perfect shade of red! I think the packaging is so gorgeous too!

Jen Mathews

That looks amazing on you!


Thanks Chloe! It seems like the shade would fit the "red" bill for a lot of people.


Thanks Jen!

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