Tuesday, September 05, 2017

#SavorSweetRewards with Ice Cream from Breyers

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I wonder if there is a statistic that says how much ice cream sales go up each summer. I mean, there’s nothing better than cooling down with some cool, tasty ice cream and this season, the Unilever brand has got you covered with their Breyers Ice Cream and Breyers Gelato flavors.

This time of year always brings back fond memories. When I was little, us three kids were very competitive when it came to ice cream. It was the only time of the year we really looked forward to the weekly grocery shopping trip. See, each of us could pick out our favorite ice cream and we would reign over our carton throughout the week with, “if you go get my slippers, I’ll give you 2 bites of my ice cream tonight after dinner.” And of course racking up bites of the other’s ice cream so yours didn’t run out was always the goal!


Back then my preferred flavors were always the ice creams with “stuff” in them like chocolate chips and there weren’t as many as there are not to choose from. A favorite these days is Breyers Blasts! Hershey’s Mini Kisses. I pick mine up at my Vons store just down the street from me. Check out all the different flavors and brands here.


And now is the best time to stock up on ice cream! When you spend $20 on Unilever ice cream brands at participating retailers, you’ll receive a $5 digital reward to use toward to your next purchase. Simply take a photo of your receipt and upload it to IceCreamRewards.com to receive your $5. Purchase must be made between 5/1/2017 and 9/30/17.

Breyers-Blasts-with-Mini-Hershey's-Kisses-in-a-coneLipstick – MAC Augmented Reality Matte Lipstick from the Chromat Collection

So glad I can still get my ice cream with “stuff” in it!


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