Sunday, January 29, 2017

Breaking Down URBAN DECAY #PrepPrimeSet

It seems like we’re just welcomed the New Year and already it’s time to talk Spring Collections! I’m kinda ready for it now. The weather has been quite rainy, which I love, but I’m ready to break out my dresses and sandals.

What are you excited for this upcoming spring? The new makeup coming out? Perfumes? I’m quite excited out this #PrepPrimeSet collection from URBAN DECAY’s new Spring 2017 Collection. So let’s get to it!


Prep Primer Sprays

‘B6’ Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray ($31/4oz @,, – absorbs oil, balances skin, and evens skin tone.

‘Quick Fix’ Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray ($31/4oz @,, – replaces lost moisture, minimizes pores, brightens and smooths the skin.


Complexion/Face Primer

‘Self-Adjusting’ Complexion Primer ($34/1oz @,, – contains skin tone adapting pigments for soft-focus effect. Shine-control

‘Urban Defense’ Complexion Primer ($34/1oz @, – contains SPF 30 and protects against environmental damage. Minimizes pores.

‘Optical Illusion’ Complexion Primer ($34/1oz @, – creates airbrushed effect and minimizes pores. Blurs fine lines. Contains Rosehip and Argan Oil.

‘De-Slick’ Complexion Primer ($34/1oz @,, – helps control shine and minimizes pores.

Now Set that MU with Makeup Setting Spray

‘All Nighter’ Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($31/4oz @,, – keeps makeup from settling into fine lines for up to 16 hours.

‘De-Slick’ Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray ($31/4oz @, – help control oil production and deflects surface shine.

‘Chill’ Cooling & Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray ($31/4oz @, – helps makeup last up to 12 hours. Keeps skin looking dewy and chills makeup at the surface!

Ok, now do you really need all these primers and sprays? Well, prep is everything in getting a great makeup look that will last the day or night so let’s take a look at each category.

Prep Primer Sprays - I feel like the category of prep primer sprays is kind of like a face moisturizer but in a spray form, which I apply before I apply a face primer already. I like that they two focus on two different things like absorbing oil, which I think is important if you have oily skin but there are also primers that do that (and one in this collection), so would using too many products specifically aimed at reducing oil actually have the opposite affect/effect? Things that make you go hmmm… And since I don’t have oily skin, perhaps one of you reads that does can pipe in here.

Anyway, I’m not sure this category is a needed expense but I’ll keep using these two and comparing it with a regular moisturizer and let you know.

Complexion/Face Primer – from what I can see, face primers are certainly a part of just about every makeup wearer’s routine now. And I can see why as they give foundation and powder something to grab onto. And now we are seeing ones for different types of skin or effects, which is great. Thumbs up!

Makeup Setting Spray – I’m not quite sure the makeup setting spray category has taken off as much as the primer category has but I think it’s still growing. I do use a setting spray on most occasions and like the above face primers, these come in different types for different ‘conclusions’ so-to-speak. Right now, I’m not sure which works better for me, a setting powder or a setting spray like these? Do you have a preference? I’m putting these in the category with the prep primer sprays as I’m not sure they are a needed last step but only because I still use setting powders too.
Booklet tells which products they recommend wearing together! 

What are your thought? Do tell in the comments!

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.



I would love to try the Optical Illusion primer and the Chill spray. I think that my skin would like them.

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