Monday, December 26, 2016

Take That, Chest Wrinkles!


Have you ever given a thought to how you could be damaging your skin while you sleep? I know, what next? If you’re a side sleeper, like me, or seem to forget to apply sunscreen and other anti-aging products to your décolletage, like me, you probably already have wrinkles and age spots there. It’s for sure become something I am self-conscious about it the older I’ve got.

Welcome SiO (pronounced see-oh), a three-step beauty regime to help temporarily get rid of wrinkles. I tried something like this, or actually, very much like this here a few years ago but their process also preps the skin beforehand and treats it after using the disc.

Step 1 - Decollete Cleansing Discs ($45)

Step 2 - Sio SkinPad ($99.95/2 pads)

Step 3 - Decollete Serum ($135/1oz)



How it works – using a Decollette Disc, clean the upper chest. Each disc contains glycolic and lactic acid to cleans and exfoliate the skin. Next apply the SkinPad to the skin. It easily sticks right to the skin and is made of a medical-grade silicone and oxygen that has been used by many years in the medical field to heal damaged skin and lessen scarring.

And lastly, the Serum. After taking the SkinPad off, apply some of the serum. It will maximize hydration and help minimize sun damage.

As far as how long you wear the SkinPad, they recommend overnight but that wasn’t comfortable for me as I tend to move around a lot when sleeping so the pad kind of did to. I found it easier to just wear it during the day as it’s easy to cover up with a scarf or boat neck top. So if I’m going out to event in the evening, I wear it for a few hours in the afternoon up until it’s time to go.

And because the SkinPad is reusable, the price tag doesn’t seem so daunting. With daily wear, each pad will last you two weeks and each pack comes with two.



They’ve had some amazing results reported on their website, but like everything I write about here, I have to try it as I’m quite skeptical. But I have to agree, it really works! And I was wrinkle-free for quite a few hours. Even though this is not a permanent solution, you will see consistent results with on-going use, obviously.

So if the décolletage has become an area of concern as you get older, it’s nice to know there is something that will take care of it. Read more about the system @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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