Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#PamperWithPeony and Dove This Fall!

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What I love most about the nights getting colder in September is creating a home spa in my bathroom. It gets darker earlier in the day and that alone just makes me want to curl up in a warm bath or soak my feet! While an overall bath with candles and a good book is always pampering, I find just focusing on a part of my body and giving it a “super treatment,” like my feet or hands, is what I seem to do most.

And what better way to pamper this season than with the exquisite scent of sweet cream and peony inside the Dove Purely Pampering collection in Sweet Cream and Peony. Have you ever smelled peony flower before? It’s a little on the rosy side and a little on the clean side and 100% feminine.

They just came out with a Body Wash and Beauty Bar in the scent and it's just for taking care of your parts this season.



Here is my routine for pampering the part of the body that is the feet:

  • Pull out my favorite pink soaking bowl
  • Add some Dove Purely Pampering Sweet Cream and Peony to the not-too-hot water
  • Remove nail polish and soak feet for 10 minutes
  • Apply moisturizer and socks
  • I love how much lather is created with just a few drops of their Body Wash! While most body cleansers can strip skin dry, this one is made with their NutriumMoisture technology to replenish your skin’s nutrients in these cold months. Keeps my skin soft.  

And here is how I
pamper my hands:

  • Fill my pink tub with not-too-hot water
  • Remove any nail polish
  • With a small brush, scrape off some of Dove Sweet Cream and Peony Beauty Bar on the brush and gently scrub each finger to remove any dirt or old polish
  • Soak hands for an additional 5 minutes
  • Apply cuticle oil and moisturizer

Dove’s Beauty Bars are created with ¼ moisturizing cream to help soften skin while cleansing and helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture, which can be compromised during the washing process.

And afterward my bathroom smells so luxe; like I have fresh flowers in the room. And the fragrance seems to waft into the hallway! So much so that my boyfriend walked by into the bedroom after I showered recently and I heard him mutter as he entered the room, “wow, smells nice.” Now how often does that happen from just a body wash or beauty bar?

Try the whole Dove Purely Pampering range @ and Walmart stores nationwide.


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