Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When In Doubt, Mask It!

I seem to go in and out when it comes to using face masks. I know it's good to give the skin some extra attention with specific ingredients but like washing my hair, it's work and I've just been uber lazy the last few months! On the other hand, I have seen some good results alternating between the below ones this summer so I'll be keeping it up!


CHELLA Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit ($30/4 sets @ – great for a quick under eye pick-me-up that will depuff and lessen dark circles. It’s a two-part system where you squeeze out the activator packet onto the pads and then apply them to the skin for 15 minutes.

H2O+ Oasis Moisture Lock Mask ($42/2oz @, – this one smells sooo good and is a summery blue color! Hydrate and smooth the skin all in 10 minutes.

H2O+ Infinity+ Youth Reveal Peel ($44/2oz @, – I know this one doesn't fall straight under the face mask category but I've been using it as one. It seems a little more intense than the above one and does its thing in only 3 minutes. In addition to super hydration, this one also exfoliates using alpha hydroxy acids. 

TATCHA Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask ($28/single mask, $95/four-pack @, – have you tried a sheet mask yet? I see some people on Instagram that swear by them, like @missfamenyc on Instagram. This particular sheet mask contains Red Algae from Japan’s Okinawa and the brand’s signature HADASEI-3 Bioactive complex, which smooths skin out using coconut fruit, green tea and royal jelly extract, among others. I like putting my sheet masks in the refrigerator to cool my skin down this summer.

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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