Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Latest Technology In Makeup Mirrors


Whyyyy do I get so darn excited by beauty accessories? Hair tools, styling tools, nail accessories, it’s all so much fun to try out! So with that said, I’m here to introduce you to the latest one to hit the market. I think all of us have applied a full face of makeup and gone outside and saw that the foundation-shade was way off. Oops! Well this one can help put an end to that ever happening again.  

The J.O.I. Just Own It Spotlite HD Personal and the Spotlite HD Professional are lighted makeup mirrors that mimic natural daylight and claim to be 10 times brighter light than other illuminated makeup mirrors. Wowza, that’s a lotta time brighter!

So what are the benefits of this mirror? Here is the breakdown of each model:

  • Portable
  • Cordless (comes with recharge plug)
  • Dimmable
  • Premium LEDs for econ power consumption
  • 360° Mirror Rotation
  • Flexible makeup tray
  • 5x magnification mirror
  • Neoprene travel pouch (Professional)
  • Rechargeable batteries (Professional)
  • 10x magnification mirror (Professional)
  • Power adapter (Personal)
  • Power charger (Professional)
  • Glossy Chrome hardware (Personal)
  • Trending Rose Gold hardware (Professional)

And you can choose from three different colors of the body – 50 Shades, Blush (shown here) and Pearly.

The inside 1x magnification mirror is 6” tall x 7.5” wide and because you really need to see super up-close sometimes to tweeze that stray brow hair, they include a magnification mirror that has a magnet in the back and sticks directly to the main mirror. So cool.










This portable mirror folds into a 10.5” x 8.75” rectangle, which is great for tucking into your tote bag, right? And it only weighs 2.9 lbs (yes,I weighed it!).  

And if you’re kind of a facts n’ stats geek, they have some great tips and info about makeup lighting on their blog here.

So how does it compare to my beloved Simple Human mirror? I couldn’t seem to find the lumens of how bright each light is for both each so I just had to put the two next to each other and I think this one is definitely brighter.

I like that the mirror for the Simple Human sits up off the table so I am looking straight into it but I like that this one from J.O.I. is portable, so each has its perks and seems to come down to personal preference and actually they each have their purpose in my life, which is good.

You can pre-order the Spotlite HD Personal for $69.95 to be delivered in August and the Spotlite HD Professional for $89.95. I see each is about $30 less than it will probably retail for once it launches so why not save a few bucks and order it early? Get it only @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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This looks amazing! I totally need one of these, the lighting in any house I've ever lived in stinks. This solves my problem no matter where we are!


HI Claudia, know that lighting sucks in everyone's place! That's why this one is so necessary.

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