Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Huge Release from Urban Decay!

just came out with a huge release. Like physically huge! Like 100 lipsticks! It’s Vice Lipstick and these span the range of finishes – from Mega Matte (designated by MM), Comfort Matte (CM), Cream (C), Metallized (M), Sheer (S), and Sheer Shimmer (SS).

So what is this Vice and why do I need them?

Vice Lipstick comes in a modernized, luxed-up version of our original lipstick case (that looked like a shotgun shell). It’s new, but speaks to our roots.

The luxurious, faceted gunmetal case has a gold base and debossed lettering.

Our custom-designed lipstick features an embossed “UD.”

Shade-matching labels (including the shade name and finish) make it easy to find our current addiction in your bag.

Let's get to the unboxing!




Some of the 100 colors are new and some were existing and they also put out 50 Lip Pencils to complement the many shades.

Since this is one of my favorite brands, I’m so excited to bring you some swatches of what the brand calls, “Wende’s Top 10 Picks.”







Inside her picks are: Pandemonium (MM) bright purple, Rock Steady (C) deep wine red, 714 (MM) bright red, Big Bang (M) bright pink sparkle, Firebird (C) deep fuchsia, Menace (CM) medium fuchsia-pink, Naked (C) nude-pink, Backtalk (CM) mauve nude pink, Conspiracy (M) plum bronze shimmer, Disturbed (CM) deep brick red.

Of course I’m most interested in the Comfort Matte and Matte lippies since I pretty much have no use for conventional lipstick anymore. Not since liquid lipsticks have become the only thing beside these that I put on my lips these days.

So with the above said, which ones did I gravitate towards? Yup, the MM and the CMs! So how did they rate?  






I think the most like a liquid lipstick would be the Mega Matte formulas and I’d say they are most like a  Satin or Velvet Liquid Lipsticks (abbreviating to LL from here) in that the dry down is not severe, they are a tad transferable and are pretty comfortable to wear. It seems like these two finishes are a less intense version of a LL in that when you apply it, you really have to pay attention because precision matters! And while I liked these, it seems like the color payoff is a lot more intense with a LL. But there is room on my dressing table for these for sure as these do not have the time commitment that a LL does, which is great.

L to R (one swipe outta the tube!): 714, Pandemonium, Disturbed, Backtalk, Menace.

$17 for the Vice Lipstick and  @, and #lipstickismyvice

Are any of these colors on your list of must-haves?

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.



As a SoCal girl, I feel like I have to get 714!


Hi Mai, yes, very true!!

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