Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Have Baby Foot Feet

No that’s not a typo. It’s a true statement. I have one baby foot and another baby foot from BABY FOOT!

Have you heard of Baby Foot yet? Have you seen Baby Foot yet? Oh you would know if you had. It’s a super foot exfoliator like I’ve never seen before and pretty much a must-have on my beauty list now.

It uses 17 extracts (seem to mostly be fruit extracts. See a full ingredient list here) to peel off dead skin and moisturize the feet. You got a tough callus you hide from the world? Baby Foot can handle it.


This Japanese product has been around for almost 20 years but only gained popularity here in the past year. I ordered the two-pack from Amazon last month and was waiting for the right time to try it, which was about 1 month ago after leaving home early with a cold.



How to use it: make sure you don’t have any open sores or a cut on your feet. If you do, wait until it heals. If all is ok, soak, wash and dry your feet. The next step is when you apply the booties on your feet so find something that won’t require you to get up at all for the next hour. (the new season of OITNB is starting again shortly!), though I have read that some people keep Baby Foot on for an additional 20 or 40 minutes. Not sure that’s necessary but you may want to see what works for you.

After you put the booties on and use the clear tape strips to adhere them closed, know that you won’t feel anything. It will just feel like some cold goo around your feet, that’s all.

When the time is up after wearing the booties, hobble to the tub and wash and dry your feet again. That’s it! You won’t see any peeling action for about 5 days but between 5 and 7 days, look out! Since it was still a tad cold to walk around the apartment I would put on socks but when I took them off, dead skin would fall out of each sock when I took them off. Ewww!



Now if you have the stomach, do a google image search for Baby Foot and hundreds of people’s peeling feet will come up. I think I know what that looks like by now so that’s why I didn’t include any in this post.

So what’s in the formula?? The brand really pushes the fact that it contains 17 natural extracts, which are mostly fruit enzymes, but it also has the super known exfoliators like glycolic acids as well as lactic acids and salicylic acids, so those do the main part of the chemical exfoliating.

Bottom line: this truly is a really great product! My feet were flake and rough spot free for over 1 month. The price may seem steep at first by once you try it out and see that your feet are maintenance-free for about 1 month, you'll be in. I’m a Baby Foot fan. Are you jumping on the wagon?

Pick up the two pack @ amazon.com. The two-pack broke down to about $16.50 for each or buy a single pack for about the same price @ amazon.com and see how it works for you. 


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