Monday, May 09, 2016

Sedona Lace Makeup Brush & Belt Giveaway

Remember this makeup brush set from Sedona Lace I featured a few weeks ago? Well I've got a set and the makeup brush belt to giveaway! 

The Votex Synthetic Brush Set includes all the essential makeup brushes you could ever need to do your makeup! In addition to the 13 brushes, one winner will also receive the Makeup Artist Brush Belt. It's a great way to store your brushes and also have them at-the-ready when doing your makeup. 

Both together are a $134.90 retail value!

Since the last contest I ran a few weeks ago created some nice awareness around distracted driving, let's keep it going! Enter below and good luck!


Judy Ruffolo

Sometimes the radio has to be off :)

Lisa Brown

I don't do anything but drive when driving, I don't do anything to distract me.


I turn my cell of or put in airplane mode and keep music at a reasonable volume.

Aubree Strickland

I usually keep my phone on silent and I have a bluetooth system set up for when I absolutely have to make calls while driving

Ashley Bree Perez

I do not use my cell phone or have my music on loud when I am driving so i do not get distracted. (:


I pay attention to the road and my surroundings -- nothing else.

courtney b

I focus and remember I have the kids in the car!

natasha lamoreux

I always put my purse and cell phone in the backseat so I can focus on the road. Trunkin it is a fabulous idea!


I purposefully power off my iPhone so there aren't any distractions having me look down and/or text.

amy pugmire

I turn my phone off. I get too distracted and its not worth it.

Katie Garvin

I haven't tried any brushes from Sedona Lace, but I always hear great things about them. And I just LOVE the colors for the brushes -- so pretty and chic! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Taylor Closet

I turn off phone and set radio before driving and do my makeup at home to keep all distraction away when driving.I cannot multi task anyhow.


I put my purse on the ground with my phone in it and don't touch it while driving.

Melody Marilyn

Unfortunately, I don't drive because it is hard for me to focus on the road. My best bet is to drink coffee I guess.

Joti b

I switch off my phone & only focus on driving.

Rosie Areola (Heather)

I keep any distractions in my purse in the back seat.

Jenny S

I will mute my phone in my purse so I'm not tempted to look at it.


Try to focus keep phone on silent.

Stephanie Clayton

I don't drive. I know I'm too old to be saying that but it scares me.


I keep my phone on silent so I'm not tempted to look at it.

Mindy DeLisi

I don't do cell phones so that's out. I hate to drive so when I do I always pay close attention.

Amanda P

I always have my phone on vibrate and I can't hear it in the car so that is good. I also make sure that the radio isn't too loud so that I can hear things coming up.

Sarah Oswald

I never do anything during driving other than driving. If I have to do something I wait or I pull over.

Renee Richardson

I make sure not to respond to calls or texts while I'm driving and I also keep my road rage in check. LOL! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)


Dorothy Whelchel

I don't ever use a cell phone or text when driving. I keep my eyes on the road and what is going on around me and check my mirrors regularly.

lissa crane

It's hard, but I keep my phone and my makeup, and anything else that might distract me in my purse, completely out of my sight. I guess the old saying " out of sight, out of mind" works for me!

Cynthia Richardson

I put my purse (and phone) behind the front seat


To keep from being distracted while driving, I always pay attention and NEVER talk on the cell phone or anything like that.

Rachel Beltz

The cell phone goes to the back seat! Too tempting for me!


I don't use my cellphone

Kathy Davis

FYI: I'm following Cybele P.
@Cybelesays on Twitter. Now everyone has the link. :)
I'm guilty of being distracted, but I listen to a book, and try to keep my eyes on the road.

Trinh Quinonez

I turn my phone on airplane mode while I drive.

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