Monday, May 16, 2016

Let’s #SharetheHealing with Vaseline #ad

Sometimes we see ourselves as too small to make a difference, like with my latest campaign on distracted driving. But I have to get over that feeling because with everything in life, it starts with one person and it can multiply from there and can change the world.

And that’s just what The Vaseline Healing Project is about. Vaseline has partnered up with DirectRelief to provide dermatological care, Vaseline Jelly and medical supplies to those that need help in healing the skin of people affected by poverty or emergencies around the world.


Check out this special message from Viola Davis here. And she really hits it home. I never thought about the skin needing attention when a disaster hits like the recent earthquake in Chile or a crisis arises in an area like the middle east and what supplies can make a difference.

You can build your own Healing Kit here and I love that if I hover over one corner of the picture, it shows why that item is important. I pretty much put every product they showed in my kit! And you can pick up every product at Walmart, which makes it easy to have your own emergency kit at home or in your car.


For this campaign, every 1 Vaseline purchase you make, The Vaseline Healing Project will make 1 Healing Donation. Are you in yet? Remember, you can make a difference. #SpreadtheDifference and #SharetheHealing! Read more about the whole project here

What seemingly small act of kindness have you done in your life? Share in the comments!

Disclaimer – the post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.


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