Monday, May 30, 2016

Cybelesays Special Report - Lace Your Face

I recently had the chance to experience a facial and brow sculpting by Kanvas Beauté Owner, Anita Sun. Conveniently located a hop, skip and a jump from where I live in Los Angeles, she offers an array of facial treatments, which you can see here.  

Probably her most popular one and the one she is most known for is The Rejuvenating Collagen Lace Your Face Signature Facial with Red Light Collagen Synthesis Stimulation and Anti-Aging Fruit Acid Booster. Say that five times fast!

After applying a papaya enzyme exfoliation and manual extractions, the collagen, apple stem cell and peptides serum infused in the lace facial mask is put on. Now this mask doesn’t just lay on the face, it’s actually hooked onto the ears with a lower chin strap piece to lift and firm the jaw line. This forms the compression that enables the serum and other ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. Don’t Iook cute??



While the mask treatment is working into the skin, red light therapy (infrared) is waved over the entire face, chin, and jawline. Red light therapy delivers anti-aging benefits through the lace gauze to further stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin. I’m not sure how the device works exactly but I didn’t feel a thing!

After the mask treatment is removed and refrigerated, a light layer of fruit acid is applied and the cold mask is reapplied for another 5 minutes and high frequency is used over the whole face to soothe the skin, close off pores, and seal in moisture. This Lace Your Face mask will help my skin remain taut, hydrated and refreshed for a few weeks. And you can 


Now onto brows - The technique Anita uses is called brow texturizing. Think of going to get a haircut and   layers they add to the hair. That’s essential what she’s doing with my brow hairs, blending, layering and evening out the density of each brow. This achieves a smooth and even brow shape. And one of the big benefits, which I know I’m going to love, is that this texturizing helps retain the shape twice as long so only clean up around each brow will have to be done between visits.

After texturizing, Anita then tweezes and threads around both brows to get the precise shape. And the last step is brow dipping, which is temporarily filling in the gaps between hairs with some color.

So how have my brows fared after 2 ½ weeks since Anita did them? Pretty well! The shape is still there though I do have quite a bit of growth around my right brow, which is my bushiest one. Once I get the growth of both brows in a growth rhythm, well, life will rock! And once they are I will only have to get them done once a month. Can you believe that?

Read more about the Lace Your Face facial, brows and her other services here and you can even buy her Lace Your Face mask @ or  

Disclosure: These services were provided gratis for my opinion. 


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