Friday, May 13, 2016

iHome Gets Into the Beauty Game

There’s a new makeup mirror in town and it comes from the electronics giants, iHOME. They just came out with 2 different Vanity Mirror Speakers. Yup, it has speakers! It’s is just crazy how far this mirror shows us we have come. Not to mention how connected we are to our cel phones.

Anyway, both mirrors are double-sided and have a light around each mirror. The light will turn off after 25 minutes of non-use. These have a USB port to charge your phone while you apply your makeup for the day, a plug-in place to stream audio wirelessly, and the mirror is equipped with Bluetooth so you can take calls on the mirror!!

Here’s the breakdown on each model:

iCVBT5 = 6” double-sided vanity mirror with Bluetooth Audio, speakerphone, USB charging ($99.99 and choose from white or grey), 1x/5x mirror magnification.

iCVBT7 (shown here) = 9” double-sided portable vanity mirror with Bluetooth Audio ($149.99), 1x/7x mirror magnification.

My final thoughts: Just looking at this without all the bonuses, this is a great quality double-sided mirror. The lights are nice and bright and the mirrors are nice and clear. And I think the magnification 7x side might compete with the one I’m currently using. Yup! So add in the perks I listed of what this can do besides help you put on music and you’ve got a nice investment or gift for your bestie.

Do you think you need this in your life?

Pick yours up @ and

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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