Sunday, April 24, 2016

Two from The Estee Edit

Have you heard of THE ESTEE EDIT line yet? It’s a new brand from Estee Lauder aimed at a younger demographic but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t appeal to us older peeps too! I was sent two of their items to try out. So how did they do? Click after the pic to find out!




First up is the Hi Lo Stylo Contour + Highlight ($28 @ There’s no indication that highlighting and contouring is slowing down anytime soon so products targeting this area just keep coming out! Available in Light/Medium (shown here) and Medium/Deep, I liked that since the contour was in a pencil form, I was able to get closer to the hairline with the color than I usually can. And the highlighter seems to be a champagne color with a hint of pink to it, which is a nice alternative to the off white I’ve been using lately.




Both shades were easy to blend and probably and worked out well for me since I’m still not the most comfortable with the contouring thing yet.




Next is The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick in #04 Twisted ($22 @ and this was the one I was super interested in. The shade is described as a pearlized teal, this one claims 24-hours on the lids and(it) the waterline. Yup, the ever-so-delicate and tough area called the waterline. And I’ve certainly used many that claim hours-and-hours of wear that didn’t live up to the claim. So did this one? Umm, a big YES! Well I have to admit, I didn’t wear it for the 24-hours, so I hope a 9+ hours on 3 different occasions will suffice. I was totally surprised at how well this lasted and now I want to give the other colors a whirl to see if they too have the staying power.

Overall both of these products surprised when it came to the quality and I will for sure be checking out others in the line.

Did this pique your curiosity?

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

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