Monday, April 04, 2016

A New Trend in Liquid Lipsticks!

Ok, we’re hit another trend wave in the category of liquid lipsticks and this one is different finishes and in this case it’s metallic and glitter.

I was at The Makeup Show a few weeks ago (a haul post is coming soon, I promise!) and CAILYN COSMETICS was there with their latest. I bought the Star Wave Glitter Tint in Scorpio and their Star Wave Mattalic Tint in Cassiopeia.

I was really looking forward to try these out. So how did they perform? Click the link after the pictures!



Let’s look at the Star Wave Mattalic Tint in Cassiopeia.




This is described as, “a high impact long lasting metallic gloss with state of the art metallic pigments that shine glamorously without feathering or fading.”

The color is a metallic dark mauve and looks gorgeous on the lips. Yes, they call this a gloss in the description but I think it fits more of the liquid lipstick category as it’s not really glossy, overall, and it’s way more pigmented than any gloss I’ve ever tried.

Unfortunately, the few times I wore it, I only averaged about 4 hours of wear before it started to wear away on the inside of my lips. No Bueno.





So let's move over to the Star Wave Glitter Tint in Scorpio. Out of all the shades I just had to pick up the red ruby slippers color called Scorpio! This is described as, “high impact tint with wave of lightweight, fine glitters to add glamorous sparkle to lips. The creamy texture glides on smoothly, and fine particles are soft enough to be applied to sensitive lips. The innovative light-reflecting glitters shine brightly under the sun or the limelights!”

I super agree with the above as this lippie did all of what it stated. And if you look at the micro swatch shot, you can see the pieces of glitter! Really love the way this applied, looked, and felt on lips (don’t worry you won’t feel the glitter on your lips), but like the above lippie, it also started to wear away in the inner part of my lips after about 4 hours. And I didn’t even eat anything while wearing either one.

I’m surprised this happened because I really love their Extreme Matte Tint and that one lasts on lips for hours. Maybe these formulas are harder to pull off when it comes to super longevity? Hmmm.

If I had to recommend one of these, it would be the glitter one as the effect is just too good to pass on.

$22 each @



Okay, I definitely need these! I love the shimmer.


Hi Bailey, the shimmer is totally worth it with this one!

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