Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hurraw! for this Lip Balm! Seriously.

These balms have been taking my lips by storm since discovering them recently! They are called HURRAW! and might the best lip balms I’ve ever tried.

Available in 24 styles/scents/flavors/whatever you want to call it, know that each is vegan, not tested on animals, free of GMOs and made in the USA, not to mention some of the pretty fine ingredients inside them.


You know when you are doing something and mindlessly start biting at some peeling skin on your lip with your teeth? Well, that doesn’t happen anymore.  I have no skin to pick at since I started using these! Seriously, my lips are really in good shape, which I really need right now since my obsession with liquid lipsticks is at a peek.

And some of the scents available remind me of Lip Smackers from many years ago: Black Cherry, Lemon, and Root Beer to name a few.

Since I’m a fan of swiping some moisture on my lips at bed time, their night treatment balm called Moon Balm is always on my nightstand.


And if all that’s not enough, they seem to throw in an extra balm with each order. Now that shows how much they care about their customers, right? Highly recommended brand. $3.79 and $4.29 @

So tell me, are you in the market for some lip balms that actually work?  

Disclosure: I bought these. 

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