Sunday, February 21, 2016

You Totally Need this Hair Brush!

Spornette-Ventura-Blow-Out-Brush Spornette-Ventura-Blow-Out-Brush-inside

This has to be the wackiest hair brush I’ve ever laid eyes on and at first I thought, “I’ll never use this…” but lo and behold, I tried it, it’s super easy and quite frankly, exactly what I’ve needed this whole time.

Here’s the sitch: When blow drying my hair, I, and probably 100 million others, use a round brush. Now when drying the different sections, I’ll sometimes inadvertently give a little curl to somewhere in the section. With this brush, That. Won’t. Happen!


See, with this SPORNETTE Ventura Blow-Out Brush ($30 @, you are getting a round brush and a vented paddle brush in one. This allows me to grab a section of hair, apply the heat from the dryer and direct it where I want on the brush by simply twisting the brush to the flat part or the rounded sides of the brush. So no more unintended bends. Just sleek strands and maybe some curl at the ends, but with this, I get to decide!

And is doesn’t seem to matter what length your hair is. I thought this would be best for longer hair types but mine is shoulder length and it works nicely. Is this something up your alley?  

Available in Blue or Silver.  


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