Sunday, February 14, 2016

Are You in the Market for New Makeup Brushes?

It’s exciting to see a fellow blogger partner with a brand to put out a product. In this case it’s MakeupByRenRen and the SEDONA LACE brand. She worked with them to put together a collection of brushes called the Synthetic Professional Makeup Brush collection. It’s 13 brushes (I know, why the unlucky number??) made with densely packed and super soft bristles. While it seems like every brush you will need to makeup your face, I don’t see a use for the big fan brush and you already know how I feel about those plastic eyelash separators. I think maybe the travel version of this set might be a better value unless you like using different size shadow brushes.

And don’t you just love the pink to black ombré of the bristles?

Picks: (I put check marks next to each in the picture)


FB 03 Synthetic Tulip Contour – the bristles are cut to help make contouring along the cheeks easier.

LB 25 Capped Lip Brush – there’s nothing daintier than using a lip brush to apply your lip color. Not only will it last longer but you get better precision when using a brush instead of straight outta the tube.

EB 11 Flat Synthetic – the perfect width for applying that first layer of eye shadow.

EB 13 Synthetic Blender – this one blends shadows in the crease beautifully.

$99.95 @


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