Thursday, January 07, 2016

It's Cold Out So Turn Up the Venta!

When it comes to cold temperatures on the east coast, I grew up worshipping the humidifier. As soon as the first frost hit, it came out of the closet and was set up in my bedroom. And to this day I still adore it. And how could I not? It keeps my breathing passages from drying out in the moisture-depleted air and I really think it helps the skin maintain during the months too.

So when I was contacted to see if I wanted to try out the VENTA Air Washer, I jumped at the chance. Not only does it add the right level of moisture to the air you’re breathing but it also cleans the air of allergens, pollution and even germs.



All I had to do was open it up, fill it with the right amount of water, add the Venta Water Treatment Additive it comes with and you’re ready to use it. In order for it to work its best, they recommend you clean it every 10 to 14 days and also to place it at least two feet away from a wall.





As you can see from the above picture, my cat Darla couldn’t wait to get at it in the box! She sat on top and ripped tiny pieces off and dropped them on the floor. I've never seen her do that but thankfully she didn't eat the cardboard. Because it was the holidays, it took me a little longer than usual to set it up but now I know not to leave boxes too long in the hallway.

There are 3 models available depending on the size of your house/apartment – Airwasher LW15 - $219.99 (for rooms up to 200 sq ft), Airwasher LW25 - $299.99 (for rooms up to 400 sq ft) and the Airwasher LW45 - $399.99 (for rooms up to 800 sq ft) and you can choose from white or grey.

Check out more about them @

Is this something you can use in your home? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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