Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Gift that's Guaranteed to Impress!

Wanna give the gift that no one else is going to? Guaranteed to be unique and get an, “ohhhhh!!” outta the recipient is this sunglass holder from OYOBOX. It’s a stylish way to keep your sunglasses dust-free and always-in-view. I wrote about it here and have been thinking about it as a gift ever since!

They're made of solid wood, stainless steel ball hinges, shatterproof glass, and the inside is a soft leatherette. This is quality!

The full size box can hold up to 8 pairs and the mini can hold up to 4 pairs, so depending on your budget (or how much you love the recipient), you can get them the Mini for $135 or the Luxury version for $250 @ and

And they come in a ton of colors like Black, Zebra Natural, Green, Carbon FiberWhite, Aqua and more.



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