Monday, October 26, 2015

What Did I Get at the Stila Cosmetics Warehouse Sale?

Who doesn’t love a great sample sale? Especially when the items on sale are makeup? I went to the annual STILA COSMETICS Warehouse Sale last weekend on the hunt for some more shades of their liquid lipsticks. I didn’t find any of them in the sale but I did pick up a few items I had not tried and so far, I’m pretty delighted.




As you can see, I picked up quite a few items and the first ones I tried were the Aqua Glow Blush and the 'Stay All Day' Brow Color, so this feature focuses on them. 


Since I seem to use a brow color that's too light or too dark for me, I was quite intrigued by their ‘Stay All Day’ Waterproof Brow Color in Medium (normally $21 @ and I picked it up for $6!). This one seems to be made for the skin under the brow hairs. It has a felt-tip tip and bestows the lightest amount of color onto the skin. And wow, it looks so natural and it lasts for hours! Both of those traits make this one score high marks from me. 


The other product from the bunch I immediately gravitated towards because of the stain-factor is the Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush in Water Poppy (normally $26 @ and I picked it up for $8!). It’s a water-based formula so it’s very thin and quick drying. The box recommends using your fingers to apply … um yeah, if you want color-stained fingers the rest of the day! No thanks.

I have a brush that has a round sponge at the end that I had on hand for crafting and it’s absolutely made for this product! It’s from the Plaid brand and they are called Souncers and can be found at There is one in the pack that’s about as wide around at the container so perfect to dab-dab some of the product onto it and then dab-dab on cheeks. And to blend, I've just been using the side of the sponge. Works great!

So I was pretty happy to get all the rest of the items for $6 each and only spent $56 total. Yes, no liquid lipsticks but I did find some of the unique items from the line I hadn’t tried yet, so it was totally worth it.


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