Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nyx Cosmetics Gets In on the Liquid Lipstick Craze!

It’s no secret that I have a great love of liquid lipsticks (for this post I will call them LL) and as I mentioned here, and I’m seeing different formulas emerge and I continue to explore this category. Of course I was super curious about the Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks from NYX COSMETICS ($7 @ I heard about a few months ago. They’ve been selling out everywhere (I checked Ulta 3 times) and couldn’t seem to get my hands on any until their PR people sent me 3 to try, so thank you!

As the name states, these Liquid Suedes are not straight-up LL’s. The formula is a little thicker and not as drying, more like these from Laura Mercier. So while I like each formula as each has their pluses and minuses, it comes down to how well they performed.



Out of the colors, Life’s A Beach (bright coral), Soft Spoken (mauve nude), Sandstorm (true nude), the coral one was much too streaky on me and seemed to just sink into the lines in my lips, while the nudes were really gorgeous and I’ve been wearing each quite a bit.

And the doe foot applicator? Love it! It’s a nice size and flat with just a tiny bit of arch at the base.

I’m curious about the darker colors and hopefully will find them in an Ulta soon. Have you tried any of the other colors? How were they? Let me know in the comments!


From L to R: Life’s A Beach, Soft Spoken, Sandstorm


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