Sunday, August 30, 2015

There's A New Liquid Lipstick In Town

Even though the category of liquid lipstick is still relatively new on the scene, there seems to be two different kinds that I’ve experienced - those that dry down on the lips and *BAM*, they don't move. These ones seem to be the most matte and drying but do last the longest, with some up to 12 hours. You can pretty much eat and drink anything without having to worry about your lip color coming off, unless what you're eat contains oils. And then there are those that are a tad more moisturizing than the aforementioned thus making them a tad more transferable. These seem to last about 4 to 5 hours but overall feel better on the lips.

The latter is what the latest from CIATE LONDON fall into with their Liquid Velvet Matte Lip Slicks ($19 @ I was surprised when I read about these as I thought the brand was just about nails and would pretty much always be about nails but it’s great to see this new direction!

These contain Hyaluronic Acid and their own blend ingredient called PlushPigment, which helps with the staying power and moisturizing feel on the lips.

So which formula is the best? Click below to find out!


Deciding which formula is best (the total matte or the tad moisturizing) all depends on what you're looking for when it comes to one of these types of lippies. If you want to apply your lip color and be done with it for the night, then I recommend one of these or these. If you don’t want quite the time commitment as required with some, then these Ciate London ones are a great alternative.

One tip – when applying either formula with the wand to the top lip and bottom lip, don’t rub your lips together until the color has dried down on each lip. It will wear longer.


And speaking of the wand, the brand went the extra mile and created their own doe foot. It’s kind of flat on both sides and a little longer than your typical one found in most lip glosses.

All of the colors I tried were nicely pigment though Sass Pot was kinda streaky and a little too chalky for my taste. 

Are these piquing your interest? 


From L to R: Diva (classic red), Sass Pot (bright pink), Smitten (rose pink), Risqué (tomato red), Swoon (nude) 

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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