Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CND Fall 2015 VINYLUX Weekly Polish Collection

An easy and economical way to update your look for any season is with nail polish. But not just any nail polish will do. I choose one that's proven to last on tips and toes! So what’s my go to? I have about 3 brands and one of them is CND’s Vinylux Weekly Polish. They're just putting out their Fall 2015 Contradictions Collection … I know, really, fall already??

Anyway, this one seems to give you a few basics and then some seasonly nice additions so let’s take a look!


From L to R: Safety Pin, Naked Naiveté, Tartan Punk, Rouge Rite.


From L to R: Couture Covet, Peacock Plume, Poison Plum, Grommet.  


Safety Pin
(shimmery silver) – applied beautifully. Shown with two coats.


Naked Naiveté (light chalky pink) – applied kinda streaky. Had to apply three coats.


Tartan Punk (shimmery fuchsia) – Nicely pigmented! Shown with only one coat!


Rouge Rite (burgundy red) – also nicely pigmented and only needed one coat.


Couture Covet (teal) – nicely pigmented medium teal. One coat in picture.


Peacock Plume (blue with green shift) - I'm not much of a blue polish person. Not my taste but I'm sure someone else will like it. Two coats on the nail. 


Poison Plum (deep purple w/pink glitter) – Looked better in the bottle than on the nail. Needed three coats.


Grommet (metallic pewter) – shimmery grey. Shown with two coats.

Now if they could just buff up the skinny brush a little, this would be an almost perfect weekly polish.

$10.50 @ ulta.com

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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